What to eat in Canada: about the cuisine of the northern country

What to eat in Canada: about the cuisine of the northern country

In Canada, a country of immigrants, you can get acquainted with the cuisine of various nations. This is especially noticeable in large cities, where the culinary traditions of Europe, America and Asia are presented, and at the highest level. Italian, Greek, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai restaurants – the choice is truly great.

Regional delicacies

In British Columbia, especially on the coast, it is worth trying a fresh catch of fish. Grilled halibut and salmon, stewed or with light sauce, retain their unique taste. The menu of fish restaurants on the West Coast certainly includes crabs and fresh mussels.

You can try the best steaks in the country in Alberta: the meat of cattle grazing on large ranches at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is of the highest quality. The steaks are served with fried potatoes (baked potatoes), crispy salad, tender corn on the cob and “cowboy” beans in a sweet sauce with smoked meats. Hearty meals are served in huge portions, but do not refuse: fresh air excites appetite.

On the northwest coast

The new cuisine of large cities – Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary – has developed in recent years under the influence of California gastronomic trends.

Light and low-fat dishes appeared, and environmentally friendly products for them came from the surrounding farms. Fraser Valley supplies fresh vegetables and dairy products, juicy fruits – the Okanagan Valley, meat – of course, Alberta, fish and seafood – the Pacific Ocean.

Young chefs in chic restaurants in big cities create delicious compositions from these ingredients, often using Asian motifs, so that the salmon on the plate is adjacent to Thai curry or Japanese tempura.

In a canadian restaurant

In Canada, it’s not accepted, having come to a restaurant, immediately take a seat on an empty seat. Usually at the entrance it says: Please io be seated (“wait until you are seated at the table”).

Indeed, a waiter (administrator) meets guests at the doorstep and leads to a free table. If you want to get to know the locals, go to the bar, where you can easily talk at the counter.

When the restaurant is full, in the morning or in the afternoon you just need to wait a few minutes at the entrance, and in the evening the administrator will offer you to wait at the bar until space is available. And the best thing is to reserve a table in advance!

Canadian classic

The farther inland and the closer to the north, the easier the restaurants become. In the small towns of the first settlers, there is usually only a coffee shop and the only restaurant in a single hotel. The menu is dominated by Canadian classics: excellent steaks and pork ribs, chicken and pork chops, salads and sandwiches.

On the coast, a catch of the day fish is served at the table for lunch or dinner. But it’s better to order it grilled or broiled (fried) or sauteed (stewed), rather than deep fried (deep-fried), otherwise it almost loses its special taste. In the morning, a rich Canadian-American breakfast awaits you: omelets, pancakes (pancackes), fried potatoes (flash browns), scrambled eggs with bacon.

Fast food restaurants are also found here, but not so often. In large cities, dinner is usually from 19.00 to 22.00, in small towns and villages – from 18.00. Restaurants, apart from the northern regions, are inexpensive.