The origin of New France

In the absence of monuments of written culture, the history of Canada before the arrival of Europeans is a motley archaeological mosaic of bones, stone tools and artifacts. Brief meetings of the indigenous people with fishermen in the Atlantic almost left no trace, but subsequently, first French and then British colonists brought copper teapots andRead More

Things to do in Canada

After many years of struggle with strong competitors from the USA and Europe, Canadian art won its place under the sun, and the country is justly proud of it. The theater made particularly great strides on the stages of North America. The prestigious Stratford Shakespeare Festival is held in Ontario, and the Bernard Shaw FestivalRead More

Olympic venues in Canada

Canada is another country where the Olympics took place. The best evidence of strength and endurance worthy of gold awards has been preserved here. Vancouver Olympic / Paralympic Center Vancouver Olympic / Paralympic Center will host Olympic and Paralympic curling competitions. The center is located next to Queen Elizabeth Park. After the 2010 Olympics, thereRead More

Geographical location of Canada

The area of ​​Canada is almost 10 million km2, it is the second largest country in the world in terms of territory. Its lands stretch for 8300 km from east to west – from Cape Speer on Newfoundland Island to the western border of the Yukon Territory. The length of the country from north toRead More

Canada Film Industry

The difficulties of the formation and development of Canadian cinema were mainly associated with the overwhelming dominance of Hollywood films. In 1939, the state founded the National Committee for Cinematography, which initially supported the production of documentaries. Only in the 1950s, when such well-known Canadian actors as Lorne Green and Donald Sutherland had already fullyRead More

Canada population

About 23 million people live in eastern Canada, or nearly 3/4 of all Canadians. 90% of them are concentrated at a distance of no more than 200 km from the US border, mainly in the two largest megacities – Toronto (about 5.2 million people) and Montreal (3.6 million). The capital of the country Ottawa hasRead More

Artists of Canada

The formation of fine art in New France began with religious painting. The Jesuit priest Luke (1614-1685), who created paintings on biblical subjects, used them in missionary work. Many artists of the XVIII century. earned a living by painting portraits of wealthy contemporaries. An outstanding representative of that era is Louis Dulonpre (1754-1843). The firstRead More

The nature of Canada – interesting facts

In eastern Canada, there are four forest belts, each of which has its own flora. Pure deciduous forest is found only in the extreme south of Ontario. In the area of ​​Point Peli National Park, black oak, walnut (pecan) and even mulberry grow. In other areas of the south, mixed different types of pine prevailRead More

Canada architecture

The first stone houses in Canada began to be built at the end of the 17th century. in New France. A vivid example of the then-classic French classicism is the Church of Our Lady (1647) in Quebec City. There, as in other cities on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, there are many typicalRead More